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For Wildlife Cost Rica Conservacy Fund Inc, hereinafter WILDLIFECRF INC, respect for privacy is an essential pillar in our operations. Therefore, we are committed to protecting this and other digital rights through compliance with this policy, its principles, and rules, so that visitors and those who support us can carry out their digital activities with the greatest possible guarantees of privacy.


When you contract our services and/or communicate with us through our platform, you entrust us with your information, so it is important for us to be transparent about the use of your personal data. The personal information we collect is used for the following purposes:

I. Internal management. The management of your information is essential in order to provide you with a high quality service.

II. Informational communications. Communication is essential for the effective provision of any service, so we will communicate with you through the means that you provide us to meet the purposes of our organization.

III. Donation management: in order to fulfill the objectives in favor of the protection of animal welfare, our organization processes the data of our donors for internal purposes, as well as for accountability and tax compliance, when required by the authorities.

In order to contract our services and/or fulfill your requirements we will only ask you for the data that is necessary to fulfill your request, in compliance with our privacy policy and those of third party platforms in which you initiate a contact and/or contract a service with us.

When you visit our website, the website uses cookies strictly necessary to provide you with our services and/or the ability for you to consume content on the website. Our site contains first and third-party cookies, which are used to offer functions, internal statistics, videos, or reference information, which can be rejected by the user and/or accepted in accordance with the provisions of the policy and the cookie notice.


When users browse our website, WILDLIFECRF INC collects technical data in an automated way, such as IP address, browser, operating system, among others necessary for the operation of the technological platform, which are not used for identification purposes, except in cases where the user voluntarily decides to contact us and these data are part of the communication (e.g. contact forms), so they will be treated as confidential.

In any case, the information collected is treated for internal purposes in compliance with the general rules and principles contained in this privacy policy.


We do not sell your information. All information collected in our technological platform is treated for internal purposes and is governed by this privacy policy, U.S. federal laws, privacy and data protections laws of the State of Texas, and it also complies with the current principles of:

1. The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.
2. Costa Rican personal data protection law (№ 8968 )
3. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

In WILDLIFECRF INC we treat the information you submit in order to provide the requested service, make your billing and give you the required information.


The data you supplied will be kept for as long as the business relationship is maintained or for the time necessary to comply with legal obligations and meet any possible responsibilities that may arise from the fulfillment of the purpose for which the data was collected.


The Data Controller, in order to fulfill the purposes of the service provided, will treat the data according to the following general rules:

a. Internal purposes: The data collected from user visits are used for internal, statistical and web analytics purposes.
b. Transfer of data: Data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation.
c. Confidentiality of information: All personal information provided directly by a user will not be shared with third parties, unless this treatment is necessary to provide a service that the user has contracted and according to the purposes for which the data were collected.
d. Informative communications: communications about our organization will be made via email to meet the objectives of our organization, in the strictly necessary frequency and the user may unsubscribe at any time.


Any holder of personal data collected by our organization, regardless of their country of residence, may exercise the following rights, related to the fundamental right of privacy and other digital rights contained in this privacy policy.

Therefore, at any time, with respect to your personal data the user may require the following:

- Right of Access to Information. All data collected about the user may be requested by the user.
- Right of Rectification. If the user considers that there is inaccurate, outdated or incorrect data, he/she may request its correction or elimination.
- Right of Opposition: the user may, at any time, oppose the processing of his/her data for marketing purposes and/or any other processing -in a grounded and legitimate manner.
- Request for Retention: the user may request the retention of electronic data deemed necessary for a judicial investigation, in order to be handed over to the competent authorities, in compliance with the regulations in force. (Article 16, Budapest Convention on Cybercrime).
- Right of deletion: the user may request deletion of his or her electronic data, unless an exception applies. We may refuse to delete user information in these circumstances:

a) The data is necessary to comply with legal obligations.
b) We need the data to complete the transaction for which we collected the information, to provide a service the user requested and/or to meet a contractual obligation.
b) The data must be used for the investigation of a cybercrime against us, our users and/or a third party.

Any request must be made by e-mail to [email protected].

The request will be processed free of charge and will be delivered to the user in an electronic document, in a legible, understandable, and easily accessible format.


When the user must access third party platforms to consume a resource, communicate with us or access a service linked to WILDLIFECRF INC, she/he understands and agrees to accept the conditions of such third-party technological service and its respective privacy policy.

In any case, regardless of the channel or platform you use to contact us, the principles, general rules and purposes set forth in this privacy policy will govern the treatment of your personal data by our organization.


The personnel of WILDLIFECRF INC, technological intermediaries and service providers, whose services are linked to the purposes described in this privacy policy, will sign a confidentiality agreement with respect to the information to which they have access, which will remain in force even after the end of the contractual relationship that originates the access to the data.


The Data Controller commits to adopt the appropriate and proportional technical measures according to the business line, in accordance with the current technological and organizational development necessary to guarantee the security of the personal data and to avoid the illicit access by unauthorized third parties of the personal data of restricted access under its custody.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user accepts that security is a process which may be affected by events beyond the control of WILDLIFECRF INC or its technological intermediary.

How to contact us

Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy. For more information, you can send an email to [email protected].

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